ZENI MED started out as a small company in 1990, focusing on import and retail sales of NSK NAKANISHI INC. dental equipment. From the very beginning, both individual customers as well as large medical and dental companies valued the services provided by ZENI MED.

Currently, ZENI MED deals in a variety of medical equipment, both in the area of import and retail sales on the Polish market. The company's main shop and showroom is located in Warsaw, Poland, on Zytnia Street 15 lok. 11.

The presence of ZENI MED on the market is characterized by professionalism. Due to this, we have a reputation of the best and steadiest representative of companies such as NSK, ENGLE, GLOWS, MSC, EKOM and EMS.

The confidence placed in us by our partners worldwide is attested by the fact that NSK NAKANISHI INC. - the world's leading Japanese dental equipment manufacturer - has entrusted us with the position of their main, direct representative in Poland.

We have also been charged with representing ENGLE DENTAL SYSTEMS - an American syndicate focused on manufacturing of dental units - as their only dealer in Poland and European Union. TEKMIL, one of the best unit manufacturers in Europe, is also our partner. In addition, we are the only direct importer of GLOWS dental goods.

ZENI MED offers a wide range of instruments for dental, surgical, gynecological and laryngological use. We are present on medical trade fairs in Poland and around the world.

Thanks to our website, our Customers can learn the details of our offer and place Their orders. Every message sent to us will receive a reply in the next 24 hours.